National Schwa Day!

What is National Schwa Day?

National Schwa Day is an opportunity to recognize and appreciate this unique aspect of English pronunciation. It's a day to have fun with language and explore the schwa's role in our everyday reading and speech. After all, who wouldn't want to celebrate something that adds a touch of relaxation to our literacy adventures?

To learn about our official registry, visit: https://www.nationaldayarchives.com/day/national-schwa-day/

When Should We Celebrate

National Schwa Day?

April 7th was chosen for National Schwa Day because the word "April" has a schwa in place of the "i," and the word "seven" has a schwa in place of the second "e."

This year (2024), National Schwa Day falls on a Sunday, so we recommend celebrating on April 11th instead, since "eleven" also uses a schwa in place of the "e." However, feel free to celebrate on the following Monday (April 8th) or the Friday prior (April 5th).

Why was

National Schwa Day Created?

National Schwa Day is inspired by Yvette Manns, a language and literacy specialist, and the author of

"The Not-So-Lazy Schwa." Her book is thoughtfully designed to make learning about the schwa more engaging for young learners.

Through a lovable character, the book illustrates the schwa's initially perceived laziness due to its unstressed nature, but it ultimately finds its place when combined with other letter sounds to form multisyllabic words. Additionally, the story touches on themes of belonging and being different from others, making it a valuable addition to any classroom library.

How to Celebrate National Schwa Day

There are many ways to celebrate National Schwa Day including:

  • Hosting a Pajama Day at school
  • Setting up a Lemonade Bar
  • Coloring Activities and Schwa Word Sorts
  • Wearing “Unstressed Like a Schwa” stickers or shirts
  • Drinking Hot Chocolate
  • Hosting a Schwa Parade
  • Participating in “Unstressed” Breathing & Mindfulness Activities
  • Got an Idea of your own? Share it with us by emailing info@PhonicsReadAlouds.com
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